The Doctor

First Chechen war. Civilians flee from the city. Mikhail, a surgeon, is one of the few Russians who stayed in Grozny. Mikhail’s friend, Chechen, tries to convince him to go to his family. The doctor’s wife and daughter left the city after the war burst out. Mikhail decides to leave. But at night militants break into the doctor’s house with a wounded gunman. And early in the morning an SUV with federals pulls in.

The film is based on real events.


Cast: Kirill Kyaro, Aleksander Golubev, Arslan Murzabekov, Aleksander Khoshabaev, David Mardyan

Producer, Scriptwriter, Director: Anna Goroyan

Director of Photography: Andrey Debabov

Composer: Evgeniy Zagot

Production Designer: Rafael Khachaturyan

Genre: military drama

Awards: 20 awards at international film festivals

Release:  2014

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